Finn Piper


A full redesign of's Wordpress-based marketing website.

About the Brand & Website

Over a 6 month timeline, I designed and developed new branding and a new Wordpress site for The site is responsive and developed to be easily edited and updated by the marketing team. The website is both a marketing site for potential customers and a resource for current customers. It has pricing and feature information, as well as resources for auction volunteers.

The new brand aims to merge friendliness with professionalism. The new logomark is a round slab-serif—booky and bouncy. The colours are bright, but the patterns are technical and geometric.

Branding logo
Blue gradient with pattern

Gradients & Patterns

Otter portrait
Cougar portrait
Seal portrait
Bear portrait

Skunk portrait
Coyote portrait
Mouse portrait
Bunny portrait

Primary Type

Overpass Semi-Bold

Secondary Type

Open Sans

Information Packet

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