Finn Piper



A conceptual rebranding and website design for Wordstock, Portland's book festival.

About the Brand

The new Wordstock logo leaves room for the brand to grow around it. The traditional typeface is booky and well-suited to the content of the festival, but the beauty is in the detail The terminals of the 'r' and 'c' remind us of punctuation, while the copyeditor's underlines serve to emphasise the festival's focus on learning and improvement. The use of copyeditor's marks also hint at the larger branding system of marks and highlights.


Wordstock Logo
Copyeditor's marks



Yellow Highlight

Orange Highlight
Pink Highlight

Blue Highlight

Primary Type

Frank Ruhl Libre

Copyeditor Type

Nanum Pen Script

Secondary Type

Open Sans


Additional Branded Materials

About the Website

The Wordstock website was designed to be an advertisement for the festival as well as a resource for festival goers, volunteers, and speakers. Three pages were designed and coded for the purposes of the assignment, the homepage, the events page, and the book submissions page. These pages were chosen because they showcase enough variety to make it easy to visualise the potential design of additional pages.

Wordstock website homepage Wordstock website onstage events page Wordstock website book submissions page

Note: The three pages of that contain content are the homepage, the events page, and the book submissions page.