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Episcopal Relief & Development was outgrowing their single-page Gifts for Life website and we were tasked with expanding it into a larger, multi-page microsite. Some of the biggest client needs addressed by the multi-page site included a greater emphasis on e-cards, parish and impact stories, and better SEO. Alongside the site launch were a mail package that included a physical catalog, and an email announcing the new site.

This project won the 2022 Internet Advertising Competition Award for Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.

The Website
The previous Gifts for Life website was just a gift catalog. In expanding the site we added impact stories—to give donors confidence in the impact of their gift. We also added pages for parish stories and giving tips—to inspire individuals and congregations to come together to give. Every page pushes users towards giving, but with more context to encourage their gift.

The Print Catalog
The theme for 2021–2022's Gifts for Life catalog was 'transformation.' The print catalog's images and copy were refreshed to suit the new theme. The print catalog did not receive major design changes like the online catalog did, but QR codes were added to push users online.

The Email
We designed this announcement email to let subscribing churches know they should've received their Gifts for Life print catalog. The email was designed to match the new Gifts for Life site. The email also highlighted some of the giving tips featured on the new site.

From: ‍Sean McConnell, Episcopal Relief & Development
Subject: ‍New, exciting ways to engage this Advent            
Pre-text: ‍The new Gifts for Life website is here. See how your congregation can engage this Advent season

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