Lani DeFiesta’s Campaign for A.S. President


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Lani DeFiesta’s winning campaign for Associated Student's President focused heavily on the ideas of collaboration, accessibility, and accountability. The brand materials were designed with collaboration in mind, with nods to the visual language of grassroots political campaigning. The design also takes cues from the successful posters of the Obama and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez campaigns, which would be recognised by students at the university as key political campaigns of their time.

Print Materials

Print materials for the campaign included a series of posters, buttons, and a large banner. Posters were designed without bleed to keep costs down. Rather than accept this restriction at face value, we took it as an opportunity to visually reference polaroid photos — emphasizing the campaign values of collaboration and accessibility. 

Lani under their banner
Lani campaign posters mocked up
Lani campaign buttons, mixed sizes
Lani campaign buttons, small

Social Media

The social media campaign included branded assets for supporters and endorsing groups to share, as well as a series of story posts highlighting Lani’s campaign promises. 

Lani campaign announcement post
Lani campaign generic shareable story images
Lani campaign promise story posts




Lani DeFiesta