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The Nation Fund for Independent Journalism is a non-profit affiliated with The Nation Magazine. The Nation needed an independent brand identity and website for The Nation Fund that was distinct from The Nation Magazine while still being recognizably related and true to its roots.

This project won the 2021 WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development.

Logo & Branding

To create consistency between the two brands we kept The Nation’s red and yellow. From there we had the freedom to design other brand elements in a way that emphasized what was different and special about The Nation Fund. 

Because one of The Nation Fund’s major focuses is supporting early-career journalists in their development, the brand incorporates the use of handwritten red text and marks, like an editor is marking up the site.

The Nation Fund for Independent Journalism logo
The Nation Fund for Independent Journalism logo, vertical stacked variation
The Nation Fund branding tile
The Nation Fund branding sample

The Website

With the brand developed, we moved on to designing a website for The Nation Fund. The Nation wanted something with lots of room to grow as their programs changed. We designed and developed a custom WordPress template with a handful of site elements and page types that could suit their evolving needs.

Mockups are scrollable.

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